ministry date 2017-05-15
ministry manager Dr. Wes White
ministry Location Glasgow, Scotland

Upper Room Church

Upper Room Church is a ministry of Communitas International (US) and the Christian Associates Network (UK). What started in 2008 as a Bible study for internationals grew into a house church. Our name comes from the fact we gathered in a top floor flat and during a teaching time in the Book of Acts, it became clear the Bible study group was really a church! Now mainly made up of Iranians, Scots, English and Americans, we hope to grow into a fuller tapestry of God’s people.

In April 2017, the church was forced to no longer hold their community gathering in a flat – due to the numbers gathering and a planning permission violation enforcement threat by the city council! While we still hold gatherings in flats, and consider these house church expressions, they are more focused (e.g. Women’s gathering) in order to comply with the concerns. We fortunately found alternative premises in Re:Hope Church where we now hold these all church corporate gatherings (37 Stewartville Street Glasgow G11 5PL). Our house church expressions have gone underground….



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ministry date 2017-04-06
ministry manager Bob Wilson
ministry Location Dublin, Ireland

Missional Communities Dublin

In the summer of 2012, Bob & Liz Wilson and their family, sold or gave away most of their stuff, packed up the rest and moved to Dublin, Ireland with a desire to help start neighborhood based churches and missional communities across the city of Dublin. This move was not something that they’d planned, but after a year of praying, listening, and discerning, it was clear that this move was the next step the Father had for our family.

Bob & Liz first met as college students in Fredonia, NY, where Liz was majoring in Music (violin), and Bob was studying Human Resources Management. They were married in 1990 and have 4 daughters, Hannah, Erin, Brenna & Méabh, who all currently live in Dublin in Clontarf on the city’s Northside.

If you would like to learn more about their family and their project, then please visit the family blog at:

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ministry manager Chris Thackery
ministry Location Westbourne Grove, London


Westbourne Grove Church is a community of people who meet together to explore their relationship with Jesus, to express God’s love to one another, and to share that love with the world. Christian Associates staff are working in partnership with the church as it serves the area of Westbourne Grove, London through the church’s unique venue, Alpha courses, worship services, English classes and other ministries.

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ministry date 2017-03-01
ministry manager Stuart & Lynsey Gilmour
ministry Location Bathgate

Scum for Scotland


“…when we are slandered, we answer kindly. We have become the scum of the earth, the garbage of the world–right up to this moment.” 1 Cor. 4:13

We love the alternative and counter cultural, we love music, art, film, poetry and the like, we love Jesus, and we do things that bring all of them together in creative, and fulfilling ways.

Led by a Scottish couple, Stuart & Lynsey Gilmour, this missional initiative was launched in early 2017  to begin discussions and debate with a wide variety of people in an around Bathgate & Glasgow. To follow them please see their Facebook page.

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ministry date 2013-04-01
ministry manager Drew & Christine Van Tiem
ministry Location Edinburgh

Missional Initiative Edinburgh

Drew and Christine met while working together on a team in Salford, England. After two years there, they both returned to the Chicago area and were married a year later. Their plan was always to return to United Kingdom to do mission in an urban environment. Thus, they are extremely thankful and pleased to be working in Edinburgh, a fantastic city they love more and more as time goes on. They have a lot of similar interests – reading, hiking, cooking, history, and board games. But they have dissimilar interests, too – Christine enjoys knitting and running and Drew enjoys hockey and writing. They moved to Edinburgh in Spring 2013 and are working to develop new expressions of church and Christian community, alongside existing churches and community projects. Their daughter was born in December 2014 and brings much joy to their lives! Drew & Christine serve in Staff Care & Development with Communitas International.

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